Bring your bonsai tree in for a 30-minute consultation and checkup. We can discuss what can be done to that specific tree. We will discuss your trees health, soil, style and planting angle. We will discuss a future path one may take with their tree. Some basic thinning and wiring can be done. Book your appointment in advance.   Please contact us for pricing


Bonsai Basics- Question and Answer 2-hour garden walk through:

Come join us in a very relaxed group setting where we will discuss the finer points of bonsai and dispel myths. You will receive a handout to follow along as we discuss what bonsai is and is not. Included in the discussion will be what plant material makes great bonsai, soils, drainage and different styles of bonsai. We will touch on pots and how they affect the look of your bonsai. Also discussed will be re-potting and branch development, just to name a few. This in depth class is for four or more people and participants are welcome to bring their own coffee, hot chocolate, soda, water, beer or wine.  Paid- in-Advance,   Please contact us for Pricing


One on One Teaching:

We will focus on what you believe you need most in your bonsai study. Once we understand your level of bonsai knowledge, we can fine tune your specific needs. These one-on-one sessions give you the attention to help you further your knowledge through dedicated training. We will focus on tree health, styling and seasonal maintenance. We will be working with you in a hands-on setting to achieve your goals for you and your bonsai trees. (Two hour minimum).  Please contact us for Pricing


Foundation Training Course:

These classes are great for groups or individuals who may have a demanding job, career, school, kids, animals and or lifestyle where they cannot attend weekly classes. Our foundation class is a once-a-month commitment on a Saturday for 4  hours. We focus on Bonsai basics through hands on, seasonal care and classroom activities. You will study not only tree specific information, but how to apply these techniques for proper tree growth. We will start with our trees here in the garden that are in training and work our way to trees that you can display in a show. (*Note, we always use Dirty Locust Bonsai material to work on in class. This is beneficial for the student as they use the proper material to learn on). You will leave this foundation teaching with the ability, and understanding of how to apply these techniques to your own bonsai collection. Courses are three sessions long and cover a season. There are a total of 9 half day sessions at your own pace, classes are usually once a month and run from January until September of each year. Held once monthly on Saturday with a group. Please contact us for pricing


Foundation training Camp:

These courses are 3-day sessions that cover a season at 3.5- 4 hours per day. These consecutive three-day sessions are at your own pace. Students may begin Foundation Camp training any time of year Winter, Spring Summer or Fall. Classes are usually once a quarter. The ultimate goal in all of these training sessions is optimal tree health and the ability to read and correctly train any bonsai tree. As soon as the student finishes one course they can begin the next with focus being on seasonal care. Please bring your own tools. (If you do not have tools, we do have tools available for purchase). Since space is limited, please sign up in advance to reserve your spot. These courses are best for someone who lives out of the area and must fly in, travel long distances or that can not make the monthly foundation course. (Outside Accommodations and meals are the responsibility of the student). Please contact us for pricing,  paid in advance for the 3-day session.


Study Groups:

This is a wonderful way to learn and cross reference Bonsai education since most bonsai enthusiasts will bring different trees. Ron will travel within 150 mile radius from Sacramento, California and is available for 4 or more individuals. Ron can be booked at least a month in advance.


Tree styling and Wiring:

Since this work takes the longest we will discuss each tree in-depth before we begin styling. The tree must be healthy first and have been taken care of properly. Unhealthy trees tend to have branches that break easily. You may stay with your tree or drop it off to be styled.


Demonstration and or Bonsai talks…. Contact for availability


Maintenance Work:

Do you have a bonsai that has not been re-potted in the last 4-5 years? Do you have wire cutting into a tree that someone gave you? Do you have no clue when it comes to bonsai, but have one? We can re-pot the tree for you properly, help you style and maintain your tree. Remember trees have a seasonal window so re-potting most trees at the end of January to April is optimal time in California. Emergency re-pots can be done anytime but requires two visits one year apart. This can also turn into a class at no additional cost as an observer. Please contact us for pricing


Gift Certificates:

This is an excellent way to give a gift to the Bonsai enthusiast in your life, a loved one, friend, or co-worker, anyone with an interest in Bonsai. 30 Minute, Two hour one on one class gift certificates available or you can purchase a dollar amount for purchase to use at the discretion of the recipient. (Locals only please).



We except donations of trees in pots that are no longer wanted to be used for classes and demonstrations locally. We can also remove trees from your property for a small fee. Don’t send those unwanted trees to the land fill. We can help turn those trees into bonsai’s that could live many more years. (Please contact Ron with description of tree and additional information as some trees cannot be removed based on size, location, etc.)

Garden Center Rental

You may inquire about renting the garden for very small intimate settings. What a beautiful location to have an event