Katsumi Kinoshita Visits June 2015

It has been a busy year!!!! I usually rant and rave about my teacher “Boon Manakitivipart”. However before Sensei Boon one of my first teachers was Katsumi Kinoshita. My wife and I love Katsumi Kinoshita and his wife Atsuko. I cannot say enough good things about him, his demeanor and passion for bonsai. He has won numerous awards both from the GSBF and from Japan for his work in spreading the joy of bonsai.

There is no one in the world who styles trees like Katsumi Kinoshita, his influence come from his surroundings along the Monterey California coast. Wind swept, wind influenced and styled by nature. I asked Sensei Kinoshita if he would come and talk to my students about his way of styling. You will hear people say including me “That some people style from how they perceive a tree should be. They may have a natural talent or it may be from what they have learned in their Bonsai journey.

Sensei Kinoshita is an amazing stylist in his own right and someone who has helped teach bonsai all over California. Sensei Kinoshita is also a Sensei for many California Bonsai clubs dedicating his time and knowledge. Sometimes we need to look back and pay our respects to those who helped us along the way to see where we are going!!

*Also an article about Sensei Katsumi around this same time frame ...

I asked Sensei Katsumi to stop by June of last year (2015) … what follows is a Photo blog. He was gracious enough to bring a few trees of his own to discuss and share. He then proceeded to do a demo. We all truly enjoyed his visit and have a lot of admiration for this very humble and gracious Sensei!  Enjoy the pictures

Written by Ron Anderson — June 23, 2016