"Ron Anderson Bonsai was created to share and inspire those in love with the art of Bonsai".


Stop by our newest location in Sacramento, please call for an appointment 1-877-610-9038 

Ron Anderson Bonsai is a full service bonsai nursery in Sacramento California. Our physical location is currently under construction, although we are still open by appointment only for those in need of our bonsai service. We offer a variety of classes to suit your Bonsai needs. We offer one on one student classes, tree development, tree and seasonal care specific workshops. Ron Anderson Bonsai specializes in care, maintenance and design of most bonsai at all levels of development at your location or ours. We also have a large variety of shapes and sizes of bonsai pots on hand to choose from. We also carry most bonsai tools that you will need in the day to day care and maintenance of your bonsai tree. Ron Anderson Bonsai can help you with your bonsai tree in many different ways. From seasonal care, re-potting, thinning, cut back or needle pulling. We can help you pick out a bonsai tree to start bonsai as a hobby or as a gift for someone special.

Ron is a certified bonsai teacher and instructor with over 10 years of hands on experience. Ron believes in teaching a step by step bonsai basics approach first to ensure that the student has the bonsai foundation needed to create healthy beautiful bonsai trees for years to come!

I started this site and blog because everyone has a little something to share in bonsai. I will be sharing my bonsai thoughts on plants that I find locally in Sacramento or on my travels within and around California. The plants I find and share with you will be collected, urban yamadori or nursery stock. My bonsai journey will include photos and some short blogs as I grow in bonsai. Bonsai to me is a living art that can grow and change just as we do. The more you learn the more you understand that you don’t have all the knowledge and you hunger for more. Join me as I explore the wonders of bonsai and all it has to teach.

Ron Anderson


* Stay tuned, in the future our family based business will include Bonsai related items, Home Décor, Apparel and an Artisan Marketplace. We will focus on creating an atmosphere that brings balance to your life.