Bonsai Challenge 2016

So hear is the deal, we are around 44 days out from the Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention Registration. (Registration opens July 1st, 2016). The Convention in Sacramento is held Oct. 27th to Oct 30th, 2016. Currently the GSBF has a fantastic program called the (Power of One) that suggest clubs pay and send someone to the GSBF convention. I am a past recipient of that program. With that said I believe we can look beyond what a club can do and see what we as individuals can do to further bonsai. Last year Kelly and I came up with $300.00 to personally fund a new student to go to the GSBF. That person today is on fire for bonsai and is excited to see where Bonsai is going in the future. This year Kelly and I will again do the same as last year and sponsor a new person, possibly a student to go to the GSBF convention.

SO here is my challenge to you!  I challenge you to sponsor someone to go to the GSBF Convention and to get them excited about bonsai by doing the following …

1. Work on a bonsai 30 days out of 44.

2. Post a picture of you working on your bonsai or just your bonsai with the caption Bonsai Challenge 2016 or #bonsaichallenge2016.

3.Donate 10 dollars for each day you work on your bonsai, or get two supporters to    donate 5 dollars for each day you work on your bonsai, or get 10 people to donate a dollar.


4. Short Term Goal … find someone new in bonsai, someone that is excited and interested in bonsai. They don’t have to be in a bonsai club. Then sponsor that person to go to the GSBF convention in Sacramento this year. It’s that simple.


5. Long Term Goal … Raise or help the recipient raise another $300.00 to cover hotel and meal cost.


6. Pass this challenge to your friends, bonsai club members and other bonsai enthusiast etc.

Last year in addition to our funds a few people stepped up and offered to add to the pot!! We were hoping to have others match our donation of $300.00. Not only were we able to match it with everyone’s help, we were able to surpass it. That is what allowed Nathanial Rhett to go to convention with little out of pocket money … What a great way to introduce someone to bonsai!

OK some “theatrics”, picture the movie were Mel Gibson is screaming at a bunch of warriors “will you fight” Will you fight for your freedom” ………… BONSAI!!!!

The challenge is on!!!

If you cannot get to the GSBF convention feel free to use the Bonsai challenge to get people interested in bonsai in your area for your local conventions.

Can one person or a few people make a difference in bonsai? Yes they can! The challenge is on, take up the fight!

Written by Ron Anderson — May 18, 2016