Hinoki Before

Hinoki after





I found this tree at a local rockery in a tub

I reduced its size and then re-potted it

What it looks like in January of 2016

I took one of the trees i purchase in the batch of tree for the 2016 GSBF Convention and styled one. Kishu Shimpaku

 The before ...

The After ...

This is the before, I purchased this tree in August of 2012.


This what the after and what is looks like after some basic wiring and re-potting.


This is the before, I purchased this tree From John Thompson who got this tree from a Midori Club member. I purchase it in January of 2014.


This is after initial styling, I re-potted this tree in March into my soil mix then waited a few months and did the initial styling. This is a big ass tree!

The foliage has turned from juvenile to adult foliage ... this tree will be styled in march of 2016.

This is the before, First ever Juniper, purchased at a Watsonville California show. I purchased this plant maybe 6 years ago.


After...what it looks beginning of 2014....needs to be cut back and fine wired.


After...September 2014 after a restyle

Changed the angle, pot and made the back the front


This is the before, I picked this up for a dollar of the raffle table during the monthly meeting at the Santa Cruz Bonsai Kai. It was half dead, stressed with almost all juvenile foliage.


After 5 years of baby steps to getting this tree healthy



This is the Before, i won this tree with a dollar raffle ticket at the 2009 GSBF convention, it used to belong to Bob Hilvers.


After...At the time of this picture, this tree had been in training 2 years.

 A little more refinement January 2016, i began working on this tree in June of 2010 

Before...March 2014


After June 2014